Private Golf Lessons


     Golf can be quite complicated.  In its simplest form, golf is a game of a few basic fundamentals.  The key is to start making solid contact (hitting balls) after becoming fundamentally aware, and that is where we’ll start.  It would be best to get the first lesson ASAP.  Most everything you'll learn will be reinforced by swinging the club and developing muscle memory, and not necessarily by hitting golf balls.  Before learning an acceptable way to begin swinging the club away from the ball (the backswing), one MUST be fundamentally sound.      

     The bottom line for taking golf lessons is to acquire the ability to shoot lower scores.  Under the watchful eye of a PGA professional, along with a little effort on your part, our lesson plan will allow students to do exactly that, and in a very short period of time. 

Option 1 allows students to actually receive three golf lessons for the price of one.  Each lesson will devote about 20 minutes to each of three facets of the game. During these one-hour sessions, students will be asked to work on one particular swing thought as it relates to the full golf swing, bunker play, and the short game. With this knowledge, your scores should begin to immediately improve, and continue to do so as long as you dedicate a little time and effort to practice. 

Option 2 is a 30-minute session that will involve only one of the above-mentioned areas of the game.

Lessons are by appointment only and can be scheduled by calling
the golf shop at 564-1313, or by e-mailing

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